Smyrna Baptist Church

We are a small country church dedicated to ministering to our community. We are committed to serving others and it is our hope that we (individually and corporately) humbly show God’s light and hope to a world that is both dark and hurting.

Our Beliefs

We believe God’s word is the Holy Bible and we believe that God’s word is infallible. We believe that all humankind is separated from God by sin (understanding sin as a state of being, not a particular behavior). We believe Jesus is God’s only son, provided as a sacrifice to redeem humankind, and bring humanity into a direct relationship with himself. We believe the church is not a building, a denomination, or a sect, but rather all humankind with a living relationship with God through Jesus. We believe it is God’s desire to share his light and life and love through individuals who often gather corporately.

Our Worship Style

Smyrna combines traditional and non-traditional worship styles. Dress code is casual. Coffee and donuts are served on Sunday morning beginning at 10AM. You are welcome to bring your coffee cup to your seat. Children regularly are part of the 11AM service (though a small children’s room with toys is available). Service typically concludes by 12:15PM.

We believe in the infallibility of God’s word and rely on both the NIV and the KJV Bibles and welcome many Bible translations including, but not limited to, the Weymouth Translation and The Living Bible.

We believe the ONLY unpardonable sin (mentioned in Scripture) is turning one’s back on God’s sacrificial atonement of his Son, Jesus, on the cross. Therefore, we believe EVERYONE is welcome in God’s house, regardless of background, age, race, gender, orientation or creed. We believe God loves all humanity equally and desires to see everyone welcomed into a community of loving believers.

We believe God’s house is a hospital for sinners (all of us), and not a shrine to imaginary saints. Come as you are.